Tuesday, 26 July 2016

"I think I'm quite ready for another adventure..."

Written by Amanda White

Friends. I have news. 

People drive on the right side of the roads in the US. There are no switches on the outlets. There aren’t two buttons to flush the toilets. And it’s summer with very little (well, NONE) of that charming Wellington wind.

Yes, friends. I’m home once again. And it is just the strangest. But it is also so, so good. And I’m so grateful to be sitting on my couch writing this, safe and sound.

Madeline, Lyssa and I had a *fantastic* lunch view on our Red Rocks hike.
Our last week in Wellington was full of adventures, large and small. For me, our last weekend in Wellington was the best one, and I can’t recommend (1) hiking the Red Rocks, and (2) Adrenalin Forest enough! Red Rocks were beautiful, and our hike was fun and just so rewarding. The Adrenalin Forest pushed me in so many ways; I’m never felt so weak OR so strong, all at once.
Hannah, killin' it and looking effortlessly lovely at Adrenalin Forest. 

Hanging by a thread #AdrenalinForestHadMeLike

During our last week in Wellington, we all made a big push to finish strong at our internships, completing major tasks and tying up loose ends. We enjoyed a wonderful home-cooked meal at Anna’s apartment (which has an incredible view of the city! We were all so jealous.) for our farewell dinner, and reminisced about our time in Wellington.

My favorite fellow Enspiral intern. 
We did our very best to make the most of our last few days, officially solidifying our “regular” status at the Library Bar, making one last trip to the Night Market, and soaking up our last adventures with our NEIP group.

Early Saturday, we officially said goodbyes and went our separate ways throughout the day, and headed home (or to further New Zealand adventures!).

Heading home! (@4am after technically my first-ever all-nighter. #blessed #tired)
Now at home, unpacking and repacking for my next adventure coming up VERY soon here, I’m not experiencing as much reverse culture shock as I thought I would, but I find myself noting how things are done differently here once or twice a day; constantly referring to New Zealand events or inside jokes; and figuring what time it is in Wellington and wondering what my friends who are still kiwi-ing along are up to these days.

I really don’t have words for how much my time in New Zealand meant to me. But it was SUCH an adventure and I am different in so many ways since my adventure began six weeks ago. I’ve been thankful to get to share my stories and photos with the world here on the NEIP blog; I hope you’ve been enjoying reading along. :) 

If you are Massey faculty or staff, thank you for all you did and do to make this program a success. If you are a kiwi, please know just how much I loved and love your amazing, beautiful home country. And if you haven’t yet been to New Zealand—well, GO! What are you waiting for?!

Till next time, cheers! 


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