Sunday, 12 June 2016

Another Day, Another 'Dventure

Written by Amanda White

Friends! Dear readers! Mom! (As I'm sure she's reading this, too.) 

After three days of solo exploring, I am so ready for NEIP to start! I arrived Thursday evening, and have spent the past days wandering around Auckland on foot to parks and shops and everything in-between; 

 geeking out over the Hobbit holes on the Hobbiton Movie Set Tour;

visiting Muriwai Beach and loving the fallish rain that came with the sea spray; 

and making lots of new friends from all over the world along the way.

Yesterday evening, fellow NEIP-er Shannon arrived and we explored the streets of Auckland together in search of dinner fare. We landed on Denny’s, which, though technically an American chain, uses a kiwi as an apostrophe in New Zealand, so it definitely counts as kiwi food!

Orientation begins this afternoon, and so do our group adventures... here we go! 

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  1. I FOUND THE BLOG! I FOUND THE BLOG!!! So happy now. Filled with Zeal, actually! Love to read about your New adventures! Love YOU!